The thousand year old ancient town of Mount Huangshan, Anhui, is called “Little Yan’an in Jiangnan”. Few tourists know it without tickets!

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“The fragrance of flowers in the flower basket, listen to us sing and sing! When we come to Nanniwan, Nanniwan is a good place, a good place! A good place comes with good scenery, and a good place comes with good scenery. There are crops everywhere, and cattle and sheep everywhere. In those days, Nanniwan was full of barren mountains and no people! Today’s Nanniwan is different and different from previous years! Today’s Nanniwan is different from previous years. It is not the old look, but the good Jiangnan in northern Shaanxi, Shaanxi The north is better than the south! ” This popular song “Nanniwan” is certainly not strange to people who have lived for many years.
Why do you say that? The reason is that “Nanniwan” is a song sung by Guo Lanying and the chorus of the music and dance epic “Oriental Red”, which was recorded in 1965. After a lot of hard thinking, the creators finally conceived a Yangge dance called “Pick the Flower Basket”, which was performed on the stage by eight actresses carrying eight pairs of flower baskets, accompanied by the interlude. The last paragraph of the interlude lyrics was called “Nanniwan”. After receiving the task of creating lyrics for the episode, the poet He Jingzhi, combining his deep understanding and experience of the military and civilian mass production movement in the border region, especially the reclamation of Nanniwan by the 359th Brigade, fully brewed and wrote the lyrics at one go. Mark used the mode of northern Shaanxi folk songs to compose the song for it.
Later, with the tour performance of “Pick Flower Basket” in the Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, especially after Guo Lanying sang it, the song “Nanniwan” quickly became popular in the border region and spread throughout the country. Now, Nanniwan is not only one of the tourist attractions in Yan’an, but also an important part of Yan’an spirit. However, in China, in addition to Yan’an, Shaanxi, there are also some provinces, cities and regions, where there are also many historical and cultural attractions related to China’s reform and development.
Among them, there is such a millennium old town in Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province, known as “Little Yan’an in Jiangnan”. No tickets, but few tourists know! The thousand year old town hidden in Mount Huangshan, Anhui, is called Yansi Ancient Town. Today, let’s take you to Yansi Ancient Town, about 230 meters southeast of Jianqiao ยท HSBC Square, Cherry Road, Huizhou District, Mount Huangshan City, Anhui Province, to see what’s different here. Yansi, once an important town in southern Anhui, is also one of the largest basins in the mountainous area of southern Anhui, and is now the seat of the People’s Government of Huizhou District, Mount Huangshan City.
Yansi Ancient Town is the natural gateway to Mount Huangshan Mountain, known as the “South Gate of Mount Huangshan Mountain”. With a long history, superior geography, prosperous style of writing, and a large number of talents, it is one of the important birthplaces of Huizhou culture. Rock Temple, formerly known as Rock Town. It can be proved from the Tongzishan Neolithic Cultural Site in the suburb of Yansi that primitive humans lived in the area of Yansi as early as 4500 years ago. Yan’an is in the north and Yansi is in the south. As the site of the New Fourth Army, the Rock Temple, like Yan’an, is one of the revolutionary shrines. Therefore, some people also call it “Jiangnan Little Yan’an”!
In 1938, among the green mountains and clear waters, the Rock Temple was like a revolutionary flame, calling the Red Army soldiers from far and near to gather here. With the theme of promoting the spirit of the Iron Army, the Memorial Hall of the former site of the New Fourth Army Headquarters focuses on the important historical facts of the New Fourth Army’s assembly, reorganization, inspection, and the pledge of eastward march in the Rock Temple. It has six exhibition halls, including the Preface Hall, the Rock Temple Assembly, the pledge of eastward march, the deep feelings between the military and the people, the anti-Japanese beacon, and the inheritance of the Iron Army. The figures you see now are scenes that simulate the New Fourth Army headquarters meeting here to discuss the battle plan.
Historically, Yansi Old Street runs through the ancient town of Yansi, which is divided into three parts: Shangjie Street, Zhongjie Street and Xiajie Street. It is ten miles long and is known as “Ten Mile Long Street”. In addition, there is the purest flavor of Huizhou. Lingshan Wine, Qiankou Wonton, and Qiankou Rice Cake have long been famous, and you can clearly feel the strong Huizhou flavor when walking in them. Especially for friends who work and live in Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province, and the surrounding provinces and cities, if you want to take advantage of the weekend or other free time to go out and play, take photos and clock in, enjoy and feel the beauty related to Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province.
It is also said that this ancient town, which is hidden in Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province, and is called “Little Yan’an in the South of the Yangtze River”, has a special preference for the thousand year old town that few tourists know without tickets. Yansi Ancient Town, located in Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province, is really a good place to visit. If you are interested in this place, you can collect it first. Don’t start until you have time. Take her (him), or relatives and friends, to embrace and feel these different visual feasts and historical memories brought by Yansi Ancient Town in Mount Huangshan, Anhui.