The trip to North America, Calgary, Canada, is different!

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Today, I want to tell you about my trip to North America. Calgary is the second largest city in Alberta, after the provincial capital Edmonton. However, as the birthplace of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it has long been recorded in the history of Canada. When traveling in Canada, whether you visit Banff National Park or take a ride in downtown Calgary, you can see the armed Royal Mounted Police maintaining order everywhere. They either stand guard with weapons, patrol along the street, or follow and pursue. Today, most of them carry walkie-talkies and drive police cars with flashing red lights to carry out tasks. The word “riding” of the Royal Mounted Police has only historical meaning.
However, it is not difficult to find the real Royal Mounted Police, who is riding a plain red horse, wearing a knight helmet, wearing a red military uniform and navy breeches, wearing long high boots with thorns, wearing a waist knife and short weapons under the crotch, and wearing a pair of black leather gloves, when holding a grand celebration on the festival, or in a tourist scenic spot. These people are not so much maintaining order as decorating the front for people to watch. Canadians like to eat steak, and often treat guests from afar with steak.
But at the end of our visit, the owner of the auction house invited us to eat in their canteen. The host said: “The beef cattle you saw just now are raised by local farmers using corn fattening method. With this method, a beef cattle can grow to 1000 pounds in a year or so. Now, please taste the taste of this beef. During the dinner, we had a full meal, and it was really a glimpse of fat, tender meat and delicious taste. In recent years, the food composition of Canadians has changed greatly: their food consumption has decreased sharply, and The consumption of meat increased sharply, especially beef, with an average of 53 kilograms of beef per person per year.
One noon, we walked in the streets of Calgary and felt hungry. As soon as I turned around, several signs came into view, including “McDonald’s Beef Cake” (also known as hamburger) on the east side of the road and “Kentucky Old Chicken” on the west side of the road. Both of these fast food restaurants are well-known nationwide. Their semicolons are widely distributed in cities and towns in North America. They have always been famous for their convenience to customers, saving time and low prices. Is that true? Try it. Go into the snack bar and buy a “MacDonald beef pie”. When I opened the paper lunch box, there was a fragrant smell, a large piece of steaming beef cake, two pieces of white bread coated with butter, a pile of fried potato chips, a plate of cabbage mixed with carrots and a glass of tomato juice, a total of 1 yuan and 69 cents. In less than ten minutes, all of them are down.
It’s said that “old Kentucky chicken” and “hot dog” (bread with sausage) The operation method of the company is similar. Canadians usually only take half an hour off at noon. In the suburb of Calgary, we visited the Strathcona refinery owned by Imperial Oil. The owner told us that this refinery is the largest refinery in Canada at present. We took a car around the factory and saw a lot of factories and pipes. After walking for most of the day, we could hardly see anyone.
Finally, when I came to the central control room, I saw some workers in white overalls sitting upright on the console, looking directly at the TV screen in front of them, and pressing the rows of buttons like piano keyboard with both hands from time to time. Their working attitude of concentration and concentration is not a little relaxed because someone comes to visit. The owner told us that from the instrument, all the machines were running normally. It turns out that the whole production process of this refinery is controlled by an electronic computer from here.