The villain is really a mummy! The Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda

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Nintendo Germany continues to warm up for Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda. The official caption: “Can Link defeat the evil forces threatening Hailaru?” and several screenshots are attached.
The picture shows the underground mummy that appeared many times in the previous preview. It seems that this mummy is really the embodiment of the villain Ganon in the game! Interestingly, the player found that the master sword in Link’s hand had been corroded, and the corroded red blood was the same as the blood emitted from the mummy’s body. I don’t know whether the mummy was pierced by the master sword, which led to the eruption of mysterious power. Finally, Zelda was suspected to fall into the abyss, and Link flew to save him. It can be seen that Link’s hand is still normal at this time, without mysterious gloves. At present, it is still a mystery how the mysterious glove that plays an important role in the game came from.
According to the later forecast, Link should not be able to save Zelda. Zelda may fall to the ground, and then take off with the castle to become a red moon. That is to say, Link will go to the Red Moon to defeat the mummy and rescue Zelda.