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Rome, for many people, is a dream-like term. When you say it, the wings of imagination will float with the wind. This is an ancient city, with countless centuries overlapping, brilliant and silent interwoven, full of glorious fragments and glorious momentsĀ·
Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is located on the plain of the lower reaches of the Tiber River in central Italy. It is the birthplace and capital of the ancient Roman Empire. It has always been famous for its long history and beautiful scenery. The Old City of Rome is a model of perfectly preserving the architectural structure of the ancient city in the world today. It was included in the The World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as early as 1983.
Known as the “eternal city”, Rome has a history of more than 2700 years. Because it was originally built on seven beautiful hills, it is also known as the “city of seven hills”. About the origin of Rome, there is also a beautiful legend of “mother wolf suckling baby”. It is said that Sylvia, the princess of Albalonga in the Apennine Peninsula, fell in love with Mars, the Greek god of war, and gave birth to a pair of lovely twin brothers. After his uncle Amulius usurped the throne, he executed Sylvia in order to eradicate the root and put his twin brother into the basket and threw him into the Tiber River. But instead of sinking, the basket floated down the river. A female wolf took the two children away and fed them with wolf’s milk. Later, the two brothers were picked up and raised by a hunter. After growing up, they finally killed Amulius and avenged their mother.
Later, the brothers built a city on the bank of the Tiber River where the mother wolf fed them. This is the city of Rome. The two brothers and their descendants did not forget the care of the mother wolf. Today, the city emblem of Rome is a mother wolf nursing two boys.
After all, the legend goes far away. Most people’s first impression of Rome may be Caesar and his invincible army. It may be the glorious building of the Roman Empire like the Grand Coliseum, or the beautiful smile of Audrey Hepburn and the spring splashing by the fountain of vows… Rome itself is a magnificent picture full of historical buildings and exotic customs.
Coming to Rome is like opening a door to the distant past for people. In the history of Europe, if the cultural history must refer to Greece and Athens, then the political history can no doubt bypass the name of Rome.
The ancient city of Rome is full of relics of the Roman Empire, which makes this land deeply exude a noble and tenacious atmosphere. Rome has no high-rise buildings, nor modern glass wall office buildings. Instead, tall and low columns, large and small, arched supports, and circular church roofs can be seen everywhere. Most of them are incomplete, but they are vivid, and tell people the touching stories and great changes of the past.
The ancient city of Rome, which is located in the southern part of Rome today, is the most concentrated reserve of the ruins of the Roman Empire. It was originally built by the Greeks. After the rise of the Roman Empire, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. It was once the political, economic, religious, cultural and commercial center of ancient Rome.
Walking along the long stone road next to Venice Square, we can see the magnificent ancient parliament gate and temple full of sculptures and reliefs. Every vestige of various political, religious and social life has endless stories. Even if you don’t understand Italian or the signs and instructions on the eyebrows of large and small buildings, you can wander among the ruins and silently feel the sigh brought by the ancient culture.
The most famous arena in the ancient city is probably the Grand Coliseum, which was built 2000 years ago and can accommodate 78000 spectators. Under the technical conditions at that time, its design and construction can be said to be a miracle created by human beings.
After thousands of years of wind and rain, the surface of the grandstand and the ground in the middle of the Colosseum have disappeared, but the overall structure is still shocking. The Colosseum is not made of modern steel and cement, but only made of bricks and stones, which is more luxurious and complex than many modern buildings. Standing in it, close your eyes, and the shouts of killing, cheering, and the sounds of weapons are mixed together, as if you were in the midst of the frenzied audience and horrified fighting in the imperial era.
Rome, the city of glory, the city of eternity. There are many historic sites with a long history and legends scattered here. Walking on the streets of Rome, pick up a stone from anywhere. Maybe it has witnessed Caesar’s triumph and was trampled by Hepburn’s feet. Behind it, there may be endless stories.