There is an ancient village hidden in the center of Tianjin, a little known paradise, which seems to be back hundreds of years ago

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For thousands of years, Tianjin has gone from a vast sea to the present thoroughfare. In the 600 years since its completion, the downtown of Tianjin has always been an old city. However, with the war. As well as the concession enclosure, the urban development focus of Tianjin has gradually shifted. From Zhongshan Road at the beginning, it became Xiaobailou later. However, under the influence of western culture, Tianjin has a tendency to expand southward. Therefore, the development focus of Tianjin began to undergo more than one change. Tianjin is born and prospered by water. The Haihe River runs through Tianjin, and people gather along the river.
Although, the residential development areas in Tianjin are not very concentrated. However, there are many. Therefore, Tianjin put forward the plan of “one main and two auxiliary” in the central urban area – Xiaobailou area as the main urban center, West Railway Station area and Tiangang Liulin area as the comprehensive urban sub-center. In addition, with the continuous opening of Tianjin Binhai New Area in recent years, Tianjin’s current dual-core urban layout is composed of an urban area rising from water transport and a coastal area rising from sea transport. The city center of Tianjin generally refers to the central city of Tianjin. They are Heping, Hexi, Hedong, Nankai, Hongqiao and Hebei.
With the continuous progress of urbanization in the central city of Tianjin in recent years, there are fewer and fewer ancient villages scattered and distributed in the central city of Tianjin. However, there is an ancient village hidden in the center of Tianjin. This is a paradise rarely known in Tianjin. Entering this ancient city, it seems to be back to hundreds of years ago! This ancient village is called Huangye Village. Today, let’s take you to Xigu Park, which is located at the intersection of Guangrong Road and Hongqiao North Street in Hongqiao District, Tianjin, and have a look at the different scenery here.
Many friends may have doubts, that is, it is clearly an urban park located in the center of Tianjin, where the ancient village comes from. In fact, Huangye Village is hidden in Tianjin Xigu Park. Tianjin Xigu Park, formerly a farm of the Railway Bureau, was transformed into a park in 1958, covering an area of 31.77 hectares, including 6.67 hectares of water area. Huangye Village is located in Tianjin Xigu Park. Li Qingchen, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty, wrote in “The Strange Story of Drunken Tea”: “Xigu’s old name is Huangye Village. The old people are especially knowledgeable, so don’t pass it on recently.”
At present, Huangye Village has temples and towers, water and bridges, and a scene of winding roads and lush smoke trees. Although many people know that there is a Xigu Park in Tianjin, few people know that there is a Huangye Village hidden here. Why do you say that? The reason is that most of our friends will think of the flowers and plants, plants, and garden buildings scattered and distributed in urban parks when referring to urban parks, or the tourism impressions related to them. People go to city parks for leisure and entertainment, friends gathering, exercise and fitness.
Therefore, it is natural that urban parks and ancient villages will not be linked together. However, Huangye Village, hidden in Tianjin Xigu Park, is not only full of historical vicissitudes and sense of time. Moreover, its history is far earlier than Tianjin Xigu Park. As early as the Qianlong period, there was a poem saying “It is better to write a book in Huangye Village than to burn a cup in cold.” The Huangye Village mentioned here is the current Huangye Village in Xigu. It is also said that when Cao Xueqin wrote a Dream of Red Mansions, it was in Huangye Village. The ancient buildings that you can see now are full of ancient flavor and beauty of ancient style and charm, which are one of the important parts of Huangye Village in Tianjin.
Now the old Tianjin people used to say that there is a Huangye village in Xigu Park. In fact, there should be a Huangye village first, and then the old Xigu. It is only because the Huangye village was enclosed in the Xigu Park later, that there is now a Huangye village in Xigu. Especially for friends who work and live in Tianjin and the surrounding provinces and cities, if they want to take advantage of weekends or other free time, go out to play, take photos and enjoy the autumn, appreciate and feel the beauty related to Tianjin.
Still, for this little known Xanadu, it seems to be back to the ancient village hidden in the center of Tianjin hundreds of years ago. Huangye Village, located in Tianjin Xigu Park, is really a good place to visit. If you are interested in this place, you can collect it first. Don’t start until you have time. Take her (him), or relatives and friends together, and have a good hug and feel the different visual feast and historical memory brought by Tianjin Huangye Village.