There is an old street in Nanjing, known as the “Second Confucius Temple in Jinling”, and few people know it

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With the progress of the times, China’s tourism industry has undergone a completely different and unique development. Only when you go out of your home can you find that the current scenic spots, including some infrastructure, are well constructed, and our living conditions have also gradually changed from the pursuit of food and clothing at the beginning to the pursuit of spiritual life at the beginning, so the development of tourism industry is in place, So when it comes to holidays, there are countless people who choose to go out and have a taste of the unique charm of the world.
When it comes to tourism, I believe that many people think about Nanjing at the first time. Only when you come to Nanjing can you find that the scenery of Nanjing is quite good. Only when you come to Nanjing can you know that Nanjing is actually a city with a long history and rich cultural heritage. Only when you come to Nanjing can you know, In fact, it is more like a place with different unique scenery, and what is displayed is a unique online celebrity scenery, so many people are here every holiday.
When it comes to the tourist attractions in Nanjing, the most famous place is Gaochun Old Street. It can be said that Gaochun Old Street is a very good and unique scenic spot in Nanjing. For local people, it is a place with a long history: Nanjing has an old street that is popular, far from the city, and rarely known! For the current Gaochun Old Street, it is more like a well-preserved ancient architectural complex, and it has a long history of thousands of years. It can be said that as early as the Ming and Qing dynasties, there has been different development here.
Now Gaochun Old Street is a national AAAA scenic spot. Compared with the Confucius Temple, it is not the most famous, but it has the most historical charm. So when it comes to the holiday, countless people choose to visit here. But because it is far from the downtown of Nanjing, the whole place presents a different unique scenery, And many locals have never been here, so the whole place is lonely and quiet.
This is Gaochun Old Street, which is a place suitable for everyone to visit during the holiday. Only when you really come here can you know that the historical charm displayed here is still very abundant. When you arrive at the holiday, countless people choose to go out for a visit, mainly to feel the different and unique scenery here. The scenery presented here is still very worth watching, It’s really good!