This ancient village in Ningbo is rich in bonsai. Outside the village, there are red maples and yellow leaves. The scenery is beautiful, but few people come

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#Headline Creation Challenge # There is an ancient village in Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Because it is located on a hillside and rich in landscape bonsai, it is called Gaoshan Garden Village. I came here once last year and found that there were red maples, golden larch or gingko everywhere, which were colorful and pleasant in autumn. When I came here again this year, I found that the autumn scenery was still so charming, and I added a viewing platform outside the village to observe the beautiful scenery of Sanyin Lake directly.
This village is located between Sanyintan and Xufuyan in Xikou Town, Fenghua District. It is said that there used to be thirty-six Daowan, so it is called thirty-six bay village. Unlike most other ancient villages in Xikou Town, 36 Bay Village is not built in a mountain depression, but on a hillside. Standing in the village, you can overlook the surrounding scenery.
There is a park, a bonsai art garden, two ponds, a ginkgo plaza and a lookout, as well as a flower base and ancient buildings in the village. Here you can see the bonsai that can be seen everywhere, as well as the colorful ginkgo biloba, golden larch and red maple, and you can also enjoy the magnificent scenery of Sanyin Lake from a high position.
The village has a new asphalt road, which is very convenient to visit. When you enter the village along the gradually rising winding mountain road, the first thing you can see is the garden park at the entrance of the village. There is a stone step path in the garden, with maple trees on both sides. In autumn and winter, the garden is full of red maples, which is very beautiful.
Continue to walk up the asphalt road. There are several larch trees near the village. The leaves are at their most yellow. The yellow leaves of the trees are also very beautiful and become a landscape. There is a small square in the center of the village. There are several ginkgo trees in the center. The leaves on the trees are also at their most yellow time. The golden leaves are covered with branches, making it another beautiful place. These two landscapes are not particularly beautiful, but they are very suitable for taking photos.
Thirty-six Bay Village is a famous flower and tree village in China. There are bonsai such as Five-needle Pine everywhere in the village, which looks like an open bonsai garden. In the center of the village, there is a pond where streams converge. Villagers’ houses are on both sides. Most of these houses are ancient buildings, with blue bricks and white tiles, which look very simple.
There are many streets and alleys between these dwellings, and there are also many bonsai or flowers on the street corners and roadside, so that people can feel the local customs and artistic atmosphere here at any time.
Many tourists came here to play, strolled around the village and then returned home. If so, you will miss the other half of the scenery. There is a mountain road in the southeast of the village, which can reach the Qiaoling hill outside the village.
There are ten-mile cliffs, thousand-mu Five-needle Pine, Red Maple Hill and the three-view observatory, where you can see the colorful scenery composed of Red Maple and Five-needle Pine.
There is a fork in the east at the end of the road, and a new white viewing platform has been built at the end. It is located just to the west of Sanyin Lake, facing Sanyin Lake across the canyon. The terrain here is much higher than the Sanyin Pond. Standing on the observation platform, you can observe the human magpie bridge, Yuanyang Pond and Xiayin Pond. It has a broad view and is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset.
In general, among the ancient villages around Siming Mountain, the 36wan Village is not particularly prominent, but it has a distinctive personality. The five-needle pine bonsai has become its unique symbol, and the red maple has become its most beautiful landscape. Tourists often come here to play, but they will not stop for too long. With few people and quiet scenery, it is more suitable for tourists who like quiet.
I don’t recommend visiting this village specially. However, the village is small, but there are several inns. For tourists who come to Siming Mountain or Xuedou Mountain for sightseeing, they can choose to stay here, go to the observation platform outside the village to see the scenery in the morning and evening, and go to Xuedou Mountain for sightseeing in other time, which is also very pleasant.
Travel tips:
1. Ticket information: free
2. Geographic location: Xikou Town, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
3. Self-driving navigation: use the navigation software to search for “36 Bay Village” and drive to the village according to the navigation route instructions. There is a parking lot in the village.
4. Public transport: Take bus No. 987 at the South Square of Ningbo Railway Station – “Bus Xikou” station, and then transfer to bus No. 596-2 – “Thirty-six Bay Village” station, or take bus No. 570 – “Xi’ao Thirty-six Bay Crossing” station and walk there.