Urban road lighting design standards

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Abstr: Urban road lighting design standard is a standard issued by the state, which is used to plan the lighting requirements of urban road construction, then what is the urban road lighting design standard?

According to the information learned, the urban road lighting design standards are as follows:

1, urban road lighting should take the road surface as the main consideration of the design standard.

2, urban road lighting should meet the requirements of traffic safety and city appearance environment.

3. The lighting of urban main roads and expressways should meet the requirements of average brightness, maximum and minimum brightness, and brightness uniformity.

4, urban road lighting design should use high-pressure sodium lamps.

5, motor vehicle lighting should be two-way symmetrical layout.

6, the setting of lighting facilities should consider the longitudinal brightness distribution of the road surface.

7, lighting facilities should be set up to meet the safety requirements of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles.

How to do road lighting to meet People’s Daily needs

1. Road lighting needs to meet safety needs. Road lighting needs to ensure that the road surface is bright enough so that the driver can clearly see the road situation and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. At the same time, road lighting also needs to maintain the uniformity of the road surface, to avoid blind spots or strong light areas, affecting the driver’s line of sight.

2, road lighting needs to meet the needs of energy saving. For cities, road lighting needs to operate continuously, so energy consumption is an important issue. Some advanced lighting technologies, such as LED lighting, can effectively reduce energy consumption, while also ensuring sufficient brightness and uniformity.

3, road lighting also needs to meet the needs of environmental protection. Lighting equipment needs to use environmentally friendly materials to avoid pollution to the environment. At the same time, lighting equipment also needs to be properly recycled and disposed of to avoid environmental impact.

4, road lighting also needs to meet the needs of comfort. Road lighting needs to maintain sufficient brightness, but also needs to avoid excessive light causing discomfort to pedestrians and drivers. In addition, road lighting also needs to consider the surrounding environmental factors, such as buildings, trees, etc., to avoid unnecessary impact on the surrounding environment.

Urban road lighting design standards