Watch Pioneer 2 launched Genji and one-punch Superman skin

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Today (March 7th), Blizzard announced a new skin that combines Watchman 2 and One Punch Superman. This skin makes Genji look like Genji Janos. This is the first official collaboration between “Watch Pioneer 2” and “One Fist Superman” series, bringing players a series of decorations based on popular animation and comic series.
The third season of “Watch Pioneer 2” premiered in February, and one of its highlights is the new control map of the Antarctic Peninsula. It also provides new rewards for combat passes, including Misterson’s new mythological skin of “Sun God,” as well as the much-watched Valentine’s Day event. Players can date angels or Genji with the help of Banzang. You can also get a semi hidden Cupid skin for free.
Now, Watchman Pioneer 2 brings players a new interactive skin called “Single Fist Superman”. This skin is the legendary skin of Genus. In the animation, Janos is the disciple of Saitama. Janos is one of the fastest Superman characters. It is very suitable for Genji with Ninjitsu skills.
In an interview with the PlayStation blog, Aimee Dennet, deputy director of “Watch Pioneer 2,” revealed the similarities between Genji and Janos. The tragic story provided inspiration for the creation of this skin. For example, both roles are protected from death by becoming electronic humans, as well as their strong relationship with mentors. In addition to the skin of Janos, there are also the Buddha’s small dragon roll skin and the Doomsday Iron Fist “Dark Version Adventure.”.
The interaction with “One Fist Superman” allows players to discuss the next animated skin. This proves that Blizzard intends to keep players engaged and interested in updated content, both skin and activity. Whether the linkage will succeed remains to be seen, but given the popularity of “One Fist Superman”, this possibility is still significant.