What sights can you see when visiting the back of Mount Huangshan Mountain in early winter?

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Mount Huangshan is famous for its “five wonders” of strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow. In the early winter, when we went to the back of Mount Huangshan Mountain, we enjoyed the sea of clouds, strange pines and strange rocks in Mount Huangshan Mountain, and visited Woyun Peak, Shixin Peak, Guangming Peak, Alchemy Peak, etc.
The south of Guangmingding is called Qianshan, and the north of Guangmingding is called Houshan. Guangmingding (1860 meters above sea level) is high, open and sunny for a long time, so it is named Guangmingding. Looking at the bright top, the white grain is faintly visible.
In 1955, Mount Huangshan Meteorological Station was built at the highest point of Guangmingding.
The back mountain is from the Yungu cableway up the mountain, and the Taiping cableway down the mountain. There is a sea of clouds in the distance at the upper exit of Yungu Cableway.
The ancients said: “The beauty of Mount Huangshan begins with pines”, “Without reaching Shixin Peak, there will be no Mount Huangshan pines”. Fengwei Pine, Wolong Pine, Jieyin Pine, and Zhanhai Pine are all located in the area of Shixin Peak.
Pinus sylvestris, the branches and leaves on one side of the main stem of the pine tree grow thick and thick, and there are basically no branches on the other side, much like the tail feathers of a phoenix.
Wolong pine grows on the cliff at the top of Woyun Peak, overlooking the foot of Mount Huangshan Mountain, and scattered villages are faintly visible.
Jieyinsong, one of the top ten famous pines in Mount Huangshan, is located on the side of the approach bridge between Woyun Peak and Shixin Peak.
Tanhai Pine, also known as Little Greeting Pine, is one of the top ten famous pines in Mount Huangshan Mountain. It is about 500 years old and grows on the cliff of Woyun Peak. The tree is more than 3 meters high, leaning out, like a dragon exploring the sea, riding in the clouds. The altitude here is about 1670 meters.
Lianli pine is one of the ten famous pines in Mount Huangshan. The tree is more than 20 meters high. At about 2 meters from the ground, the trunk is split in two, and it is shoulder to shoulder long. Its shape is almost identical. Therefore, the legend of this tree is also far-fetched in the story of love and hate between Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei.
Monkey watching the sea means that there is a stone on a flat-topped mountain in the north of Lion Peak, which looks like a monkey squatting and watching the sea of clouds.
Overlooking Lion Peak, stone monkeys can be seen faintly.
Black Tiger Pine is one of the top ten pines in Mount Huangshan.
It is said that once an eminent monk passed by here, he suddenly saw a black tiger lying on the top of the slope. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the crown of an ancient pine was dark green, majestic and vigorous, so it was named “Black Tiger Pine”.
Peacock Pine is one of the famous pines in Mount Huangshan Mountain listed in the World Natural Heritage.
“At the place where the Yellow Emperor burned the pills, the peak was open.” The Alchemy Peak was close to the Guangming Peak (1827 meters above sea level), overlooking the mountains from the Alchemy Peak.
The flying stone stands on a rock platform. Feilaishi is 12 meters high, 7.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and weighs about 360 tons. The contact surface between the two rocks is very small. A stone seems to fly from the sky and stands on a flat rock about 10 meters square, so it is called “flying stone”.
Write a poem:
Mount Huangshan Shixin Peak
After reading Shixin Peak, a famous mountain, it turns out that there are few rare pines in the world.
The black dragon explored the sea out of the cliff, and the phoenix tail streamed into the blue sky.