Which Great Wall to choose for Beijing Great Wall tour and how to get there?

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There are many great walls in Beijing. I often see many netizens asking for differences on the website, or I don’t know where to go. So as far as I know, let’s make a simple comparison for you. For reference, the most representative is the Beijing Great Wall Tourism Strategy.
Badaling Great Wall — if it is the most famous and famous, it must be Badaling Great Wall, with long development time and complete facilities. We are familiar with the saying that “a man who does not reach the Great Wall is not a hero”, which means the Badaling Great Wall.
The transportation of Badaling Great Wall is also very convenient. It can be reached directly at high speed, or choose the special bus of the Great Wall scenic spot with high cost performance. The bus departs from the entrance C of Beitucheng Metro Station, and the shuttle bus from downtown to Badaling Great Wall can be reached directly. But also because of its great fame, many tourists are attracted to it, and there may be queues in the holiday season. However, Bastar does not need to transfer to the shuttle bus and goes directly to the ticket gate. The tour experience will be improved a lot, plus points.
Mutianyu Great Wall — If you want to play well, it is recommended to go to the Mutianyu Great Wall first. There are relatively few people, the development time is short, and the reputation is not as famous as the Badaling Great Wall. The Great Wall, the unique beauty of Mutianyu, is worthy of its name and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.
Mutianyu is located in the suburb of Huairou. Public transportation is certainly not convenient. It needs to be turned around several times, wasting time and energy. However, you can also book the Busda through bus, and the Heping West Bridge subway departs at Entrance/Exit B, which can reach the scenic spot in about one hour. It is very fast. Even on holidays, the Mutianyu Great Wall is definitely the one with the least queue. There is a shuttle bus at the Mutianyu Great Wall, which is a must. Bastar gives it away free of charge. Don’t worry about spending more money.
Simatai Great Wall — relatively far away, more than 120 kilometers from the urban area of Beijing, is the only section of the ancient Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall. It is famous for its precipitousness, ingenious and novel design, strange design, and various forms, and integrates many features of the Great Wall in one place. It has been identified as the “Original Great Wall” by UNESCO. Next to Gubei Water Town, you can play together. It is recommended to play for 2 days. You can charter a car to stay for one night and visit Simatai at night. It feels great!
The Yellow Flower City Water Great Wall — the mountain is full of yellow flowers in October, and the beautiful scenery in April is the origin of its name. It is most suitable to enjoy autumn in October.
Jiankou Great Wall — a free wild Great Wall, is popular with many outdoor people. The mountain is extremely steep. The Great Wall in some places has collapsed and needs to be climbed. It is recommended that outdoor sports lovers complete it with team cooperation. Those without outdoor experience are generally not recommended to go there. Do not take risks in order to seek excitement. Attention: safety first, safety first, safety first! Say important things three times!!! Jiankou Great Wall has a high exposure rate in various albums, and is also a hot spot of photography of the Great Wall.