Why did “FF16” monopolize PS5 first? Sony is a co-developer of games

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Final Fantasy 16: Why should we violate the industry trend and monopolize the PS5 platform (limited time)? Yoshida Naoku gave the answer in an interview with the media:
In fact, Sony is the co-developer of Final Fantasy 16. They have a close cooperation with SQUARE ENIX to ensure that the game is fully optimized on the PS5. In addition, the full support of PlayStation’s global marketing team is also beneficial to the sale of Final Fantasy 16.
“From our perspective, the technical support we get from hardware manufacturers is an important factor in signing (exclusive) contracts.” Final Fantasy 16 ” For a period of time, we developed it with Sony’s engineers. They knew PS5 hardware very well, and we got very good optimization, which we could not do by ourselves. Without developing multiple platforms, more manpower and time can be saved to build games and optimize. In addition, Sony can also help us carry out global promotion and publicity. Technology and publicity support are what we want. “
Final Fantasy 16 is the 16th orthodox sequel of the famous role-playing game Final Fantasy series produced and released by Square Enix. The game is an independent story freely created on the basis of the common myth of the series of games.