“Wizard 3” Next Generation PC New Patch Launched to Improve 40 Series Graphics Card Stability

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Recently, a new hot fix for the next-generation PC version of “Wizard 3: Wild Hunt” was launched, fixing some issues affecting Nvidia RTX 40 series users and DLSS 3.
This new patch does not change the game version number. It improves the stability of the game when operating on RTX 40 series graphics cards through DLSS 3, but there are no other improvements. Therefore, players using other graphics cards will not feel the benefits of the patch.
After the launch of the next generation version of “Wizard 3: Crazy Hunt”, CDPR has successively released some updates, optimizing the PC, PS5, and XSX/S versions, and introducing the performance mode of raytraced global illumination for the PC version. In this mode, performance takes precedence over range and accuracy, and the frame rate is improved.https://store.stoneitech.com/