World of Warcraft released 10.0.7 patch preview of human and orc heritage sets, and announced the details of the task

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The 10.0.7 patch of World of Warcraft released the preview and task information of the human and orc heritage sets. Let’s have a look.
Unlike the blood elves and other inheritance sets in the past, this time there are three types of human and orcs, which are the most customized so far. For example, human clothes have blue, gold, and red robe styles, head tassels also have different colors, and orcs have red, brown, and blue styles.
After the 10.0.7 patch is installed, the player needs to have at least level 50 characters of the corresponding race and complete the relevant tasks to obtain the set.
Inheritance task is one of the best series of tasks in World of Warcraft. Whether it is rewarded or not, it is worth doing. According to the published information, the orc mission is “A People in Need of Healing”. Players need to help Etrigue complete the Keshhag festival (the festival of orcs twice a year) brought back from Old Drano, and need to obtain clan blessing, land blessing and ancestor blessing to complete the final ceremony. During this period, I will meet some tribal acquaintances, such as Dractar and Rexa.
In terms of the alliance, the human task is “An Urgent Matter” (emergency), which is taken from Master Madias Shore. The mission said that the Difia Brotherhood stole a dangerous and powerful artifact from Stormwind Fortress. You will work with “an unlikely ally” to stop the Beijun forces threatening Stormwind and gradually uncover the secret of the dark history of Stormwind. And this “unlikely ally”, the player guessed that it might be Vanessa van Clive, the leader of the Difia Brotherhood, Garona, the orc assassin, King Anduin Urine, or a member of a bloody crusade.
World of Warcraft is about to update 10.0.7