Xbox High on Life welcomes major performance updates and optimizes visual effects

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Recently, the Xbox version of FPS game “High on Life” received a major performance update to optimize the visual effect.
Among them, the Xbox Series X performance mode update 1440P/60 frame option; Xbox Series S performance mode update 1080P/60 frame option. Xbox Series X quality mode update 4K/30 frame option; Xbox Series S quality mode updates 1440P/30 frame options. In addition, this update also fixes the archiving problem and some wrong bugs. The update size is about 4GB.
High on Life is a first-person action shooting game. It plays a failed human high school student and becomes a bounty hunter of the galaxy to prevent aliens from invading the earth. The “biological guns” used by players in the game not only have their own unique abilities, but also have distinct personalities. They will communicate with players and even affect the plot trend.