Xbox players can now change their region to New Zealand to play “Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproducing”

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Xbox players can now play Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproduce in advance by changing the region to New Zealand.
As it is March 24th in New Zealand, New Zealand players can download and play Capcom’s much-anticipated “Biochemical Crisis 4: Reproduce” game, while players who are not in the region can also change their settings to join the early game.
Xbox players can now:
Sign in to your Xbox console
Press the Xbox button to open the guide
Select Settings>All Settings>System>Language and Location
“Select a new location from the Location list, and then select Restart Now”
Although Microsoft has pointed out that not all content can be transferred between different regions, many users have reported that the game “Biochemical Crisis 4” they subscribed to can function normally when switched to the New Zealand region.