Yuanmingyuan “Shiguang Shopping Street”

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Feel the “Royal Garden Yingge” through the light and shadow, sit in the “Western Building” and taste the coffee and fruit drinks, go into the palace market to look for the grand view of the Yuanming Festival… Yesterday, the “Light Picking Street” located on the Ginkgo Avenue in the Yuanmingyuan officially opened, covering an area of 2300 square meters, and use the light and shadow technology as a means to reproduce the prosperity of the “Garden of Ten Thousand Gardens” 100 years ago.
According to historical records, there are two shopping streets in the Yuanmingyuan, namely, Tongyuan Shopping Street and Hanjingtang Shopping Street. Among them, Tongyuan Shopping Street is the most famous. Businessmen and tourists are played by eunuchs. Whenever the park holds the Xinzheng Qingfeng Picture or sings the birthday celebration in the Grand Theater, the shopping street opens and all the shops open. The street is bustling.
“Shiguang Shopping Street” is an innovative cultural and tourism experience project based on the real “Yuanmingyuan Shopping Street” in history and upgraded from the original commercial space of Yuanmingyuan. In the “Shiguang Shopping Street”, nearly 30 specialty stores cover the old Beijing specialty restaurants, snacks and specialties, coffee and fruit drinks, cultural and creative department stores, light and shadow experience space, etc., bringing tourists a multiple immersion experience of vision, hearing, touch and taste.
As soon as I stepped into the “Light Picking Street”, I saw the “Five Emperors Blessing” in front of the screen wall. It is understood that the emperors of the Qing Dynasty spent about 10 months of the year living and managing politics in the Yuanmingyuan, and were busy for a year. After the “winter came to seal” government affairs, they would also participate in the celebration of the New Year in a unique way, writing the word “blessing” is one of them. The word “Fu” written by the emperor is not only used as the decoration of the palace, but also often used as a reward to the officials of the court. The existence of the Five Emperors’ Fu represents the integration of Manchu and Han cultures.
Then, citizens and tourists can change into ancient clothes, dress up as a royal nobleman, start an immersive shopping trip, and feel the ancient market life in the “Royal Market”. In the light and shadow interaction area of “Yuyuan Yingge”, visitors seem to walk into the 40 scenic spots of the Yuanmingyuan, gently touch the dynamic light spots on the wall with their hands, and the “lotus” will open instantly and the cranes will fly high. The interactive light and shadow interaction will bring visitors rich visual and tactile experience; In the “Qingyin Pavilion” teahouse, a theater was built with reference to historical data. 1:1 restored the architectural form of the double-storey teahouse. Visitors can sit down and listen to a cross talk performance or the Beijing Opera Drum in old Beijing, sip a cup of green tea, and taste the taste of urban life.
Tourists can not only taste the old Beijing Zhajiangmian, old Beijing yogurt, sour plum soup, Arctic Ocean and other Beijing food, but also sit in the “Western Paradise” coffee shop, and quietly feel the magnificence and mystery of the palace in the four seasons of changes in the western landscape intertwined with light and shadow. In the “Shiguang Shopping Street”, there are also cultural and creative department stores with the theme of Yuanmingyuan, whether it is exquisite jewelry, round fans, aromatherapy, silk, stationery, handmade, blind boxes, or porcelain, which bring home the beauty and legend of Yuanmingyuan while feeling the flavor of the ancient royal market.
It is reported that the “Shiguang Shopping Street” is located at the Ginkgo Avenue, the main visiting channel of the Yuanmingyuan, adjacent to the Western Building Ruins in the east and Fuhai in the west. It is open at 9:00-18:00 every day.