Yunnan has found another paradise that can only be reached on foot

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Someone said, “If you hate a person, you must take him to Yubeng to feel what is hell; if you love a person, you must take him to Yubeng to feel what is heaven.”
The rain avalanche is such a place. The body is in hell, but the eyes are in heaven.
At the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, there are many trees and everything is lonely,
There is such a place: canyon, snowy mountain, Feixi, ancient trees, rubble, Tibetan village With the smoke curling from the kitchen and the dense forest surrounding it, she is Yubeng Village.
Yubeng Village is located in Yubeng Scenic Spot, Yunling Township, Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, with an altitude of 3000 meters, surrounded by mountains on all sides, and a unique geographical environment. Yubeng Village is divided into upper and lower villages. The upper village can lead to the Sino-Japanese joint mountaineering base camp climbing Kawagbo, while the lower village leads to the Yubeng Divine Waterfall. Along the way, you can see the wonders of ancient seal script and five trees with the same root.
Yubeng Village is known as “the last piece of paradise on the earth”, “heaven on the top, rain avalanche on the bottom”, “the vast peach garden at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain”, “the holy land under the water”, “the paradise of hikers”.
The clouds cleared away, and it was like a paradise without any disturbance.
This is a fairyland on earth that can never be tired of seeing,
Even if I have walked twice, this is still the place where I dream to return.
I saw the mountains surrounded by thick green forest covering the whole mountain. There was no road here. The only way to reach the avalanche was to walk.
As people say, some landscapes can only be seen after suffering, such as the avalanche.
The white snowy mountains and the surging Lancang River on both sides of the east and west just encircle the avalanche and isolate themselves from the world. This is the real Xanadu, which can only be entered on foot.
There are no roads, no pollution and no one to disturb. This is the paradise in the hearts of all hikers.
However, it is not so easy to walk in the rain. Higher altitude and higher intensity, sometimes mud roads, stone roads, sometimes cement roads and gravel roads, always kill your will again and again.
Beauty is true beauty; Tired, also really tired.
It is true that the body is in hell, but the eyes are in heaven.
A backpack, a SLR, and a pair of climbing sticks are walking. In another pure world, smoke curls up and dogs bark and chickens crow.
Walking, it seems that the footsteps are also light. Every plant and tree is growing statically, and no one can be disturbed.
Walk one kilometer, step by step.
Walking ten kilometers, you seem to have entered a secluded place.
Fifteen kilometers away, all the senses are open, and it’s hell and heaven.
So secret and quiet, we walked towards her step by step and opened her clothes. This forgotten village has countless unknown beauty.
Every day of hiking in the rain avalanche is an unpredictable surprise.
Walking in the rain avalanche, you will meet the quiet deep forest,
“The ancient trees are towering in the sky, walking among the vast green fields, like explorers of the last century, in the primitive jungle. There are knee-length shrubs, unknown one foot after another, and ancient trees with back to the snow peak, straight into the sky, like the patron saint of the snow mountain.”
Walking in the rain avalanche, you will meet the snowy mountains surrounded by clouds,
“The Meili Snow Mountain is like the beacon of countless hikers. When the sun shines, it is covered with a soft golden light. People stand and look up. A cloud of mist disappears, and we can see the sun and the moon shine together. The snow mountain always has a force that makes people cry and fear.”
In the rain avalanche, you will walk through alpine meadows and gravel valleys,
“Pine mountains and green valleys, as if all the clouds and fogs are with us, there are snowy mountains, canyons, meadows, blue sky that can be reached by hand, and there are wooden bridges, stones, and roads leading to the distance. Walking here, it seems that you can forget everything, and it seems that it reminds you of everything“
Walking in the rain avalanche, you will meet the forgotten villages,
“In Tibetan villages, every plant, every animal and every animal, highland barley seems to have laid a thick golden blanket at the foot of Goddess Peak. The pace slowly slows down, sometimes it is the sound of breathing and footsteps, sometimes it is the sound of birds flying and dogs barking. Suddenly, it falls into the end of time.”
In the rain avalanche hiking, you will also meet the mysterious and cold ice lake,
“The melting water of the glacier turns into a trickle, and goes down the mountain, as if it is with ancient light. There is almost no people along the way, and the sound of heart beating is close to my ears. When I climb over the hill, a blue and green lake appears, and fatigue seems to be pulled away from my body“
In the avalanche, you will meet people who turn the mountain to worship. Like them, you will walk through the alpine meadows, through the ancient and towering primeval forest, close your hands beside the mani pile, and listen to the wind, the bird’s song and the invisible turbulent stream.
Walking, we also walked out of piety, out of peace and quiet.
We often say that hiking is a kind of exploration, but in the rain avalanche, this exploration is not only snowy mountains and villages, but also people’s “peach garden”.
You hear the piety in their hearts, and you hear the vibration of their own souls,
Ecstasy, ethereal, blurred, trembling, pure
As my friend said, walking in the rain avalanche is a spiritual practice.
Why do we love traveling so much?
For climbers, the mountain is there, where there is no reason not to climb. For us, the same is true.
The distance is right there. Whether it’s mountains, rivers, lakes and sea, or desert and Gobi, we should explore it completely.
Some places can only be reached by off-road,
(such as Qaidam, such as Badain Jilin)
In some places, only walking is the best,
(e.g. Tengger, e.g. Yubeng)
In some places, we should explore with humanities,
(such as Shanxi, Dunhuang, Hexi Corridor)
Exploration is to walk into the distance in the most extreme way. Some are cross-country and some are humanities. And those places that can’t be reached by horses and carriages, such as rain avalanches, use both feet.
Walking is to explore deeper corners of the world with your feet.
What we want to give you is lightweight and experiential hiking, which is to experience a more extreme landscape with walking.
For example, “Search for the Rainfall”, “enter from Xidang Village with dense forests, and then exit from the flat Ninon Valley. When entering the mountain, the dense forests ensure that there is no oxygen deficiency when walking on the plateau, and there is not too much tiredness when leaving the mountain.”
In terms of route design, we chose the loop line without turning back to avoid repeated mountain climbing and aesthetic fatigue. In order to ensure the rest at night, we also stayed in the base inn with the best local conditions.
For us, hiking is by no means a self-inflicted masochism, but to lose something and find something.
“You stand there, mountains and rivers are coming to you, valleys are coming to you, cattle, sheep, mules and horses are coming to you, and the wind and clouds are coming to you“
Only by walking can you open all the senses and let you hear the slightest sound of everything.
In this way, you can enter the deepest corner.
It is said that the people who have come to Yubeng are the most knowledgeable people.
This is a secret garden hidden in the world. It is a distance that can only be reached with two feet. Many people have fled from the city in a hurry to find a pure land. Many people have come and do not want to leave again.
“During the day, walking in the secret land of the primeval forest, there are colorful mushrooms everywhere. You listen to the sound of all things in nature, and nothing worldly can disturb you. Let go, you can think nothing, even forget time and space, and only care about the road under your feet and the valleys, mountains and snow mountains in front of you.”
They said, “If you don’t go to heaven, go to rain avalanche!”!
It is mysterious and rich enough. In the primitive mountains and fields, everything is nimble and quiet. Every breath and breath on foot are all alone with heaven and earth.
When the autumn spread, the avalanche was even more intense, making people unable to open their eyes.
The white of snow, the dark green of the virgin forest, the blue of the sky as a mirror, and the red and yellow autumn leaves, walking in the middle of it, seems to have entered an autumn fairy tale.
Yaks flock on the alpine meadows, herdsmen sit in the sun, the snowy mountains are bright and dark, playing hide-and-seek in the clouds, and the fall avalanche has everything you want.
If one day you are tired of wandering, go to Yubeng.
There are flowers, grass, snowy mountains and lakes. The wind blows colorful prayer flags to disperse the clouds on the top of the snowy mountains. In a trance, it seems to fall into a world that has never been reached.
I want to stop with you, cut firewood and feed horses, cross the mountains and fields, face the snowy mountains, and finish this romantic life.