Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism Platform officially launched

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Huasheng Online, November 15: Today, the launching ceremony of Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism Platform was held. Wang Tao, Vice Mayor of Zhangjiajie, attended and announced the launch.
The Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism Platform was launched in July this year. After preparation, development, construction and testing, it was put into trial operation on October 28, and now has the ability to officially put into operation. Up to now, Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism Platform has been built with the main contents of “one machine travel”, “one screen tube”, “one code line” and “one cloud”. The main features are the realization of system data integration, practical platform functions, efficient service for enterprises, Internet cooperation and drainage, and safe and effective platform operation.
The platform realizes a convenient and intelligent global tourism experience through the WeChat terminal, integrates all tourism resources in Zhangjiajie, covering seven major elements of tourism, including food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and public services, and realizes a comprehensive intelligent tourism function such as ticket (hotel) reservation, online specialty shopping, sharing economy, information monitoring, tourism big data center, and provides convenient and efficient booking services for tourists, connecting online and offline.
One plane tour: As the core service system of the project construction, “one plane tour” has the ability to serve tourists and tourism enterprises. In terms of service to tourists, it is mainly to show and recommend the rich local tourism resources, food resources, local specialties and online red card points to tourists, provide tourists with the introduction and reservation functions of all elements of food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment tourism, and also provide tourists with voice guidance, navigation, interpretation, search for gas stations, charging piles, hospitals, pharmacies, the Red Cross and other services. The system has gathered more than 17000 tourism resources and public resources, including 33 A-level scenic spots, 309 travel agencies, 10626 tour guides, 127 parking lots, 130 gas stations, 1966 hotels and guesthouses, 1821 tourist passenger vehicles, 568 bus stops, 137 express delivery points, etc.
One-screen tube: “One-screen tube” system includes 8 sections and 11 topics of “overview, food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and safety”.
One-code travel: It realizes the function of one-code travel in “one-plane travel”. When the tourists submit the reservation order for the scenic spot in the “one plane tour”, they will generate the admission certificate with the reservation code, the health code and the admission code in one. The admission certificate of tourists reduces the ticket checking process, which is a specific exploration of how to improve the tourism experience under the normalization prevention and control of the epidemic.
One cloud: “One cloud” is Tianyi Cloud’s distributed localized computing infrastructure, providing safe, reliable, green and low-carbon computing and backup support. Provide sufficient computing power, storage and backup capabilities for the smart tourism platform.