Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Stadium will be opened in four seasons after the opening of the Games

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Zhangjiakou All-Season Sports Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony a few days ago. This is the first event held at the National Ski Jump Center “Snow Ruyi” after the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, marking the official opening of the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Stadium.
“Snow Ruyi” can be opened in four seasons
With the opening of “Snow Ruyi” for the first time, Zhangjiakou venues have officially entered the construction and development of “Post Winter Olympics”. In the ancient poplar venue cluster, “Snow Ruyi” and its surrounding areas will be built into a business tourism characteristic area integrating high-end conference and leisure experience according to the structural characteristics of the entire platform. The slideway will retain its original skiing function in winter and provide services related to competitions and professional training. In summer, grass can be planted on the slideway and entertainment items related to grass skiing can be set up. The National Cross-country Ski Center will re-use the site after the competition to build it into a “mountain park” and “outdoor ice recreation center”, and plans to undertake sports and leisure activities such as equestrian and outdoor camping. The National Biathlon Center will retain some functional rooms and track after the race, and will set up skiing training and experience programs suitable for children in winter, and carry out sports and leisure programs such as equestrian, mountain cycling, mountain roller skating and so on in summer.
Yunding Ski Park will gradually restore some of the Winter Olympic race tracks. Through the adjustment of difficulty and interest, the public can experience the fun of the Winter Olympic events. The U-shaped groove, obstacle chase, slope obstacle, and parallel slalom can all be opened to the public through appropriate transformation. At the same time, strengthen the IP concept of Yunding Ski Park through various events and training.
Focus on the development of all-season events
The newly established Zhangjiakou All-Season Sports Industry Development Company is a state-owned enterprise of Zhangjiakou. The company will integrate local high-quality sports resources, drive the high-quality development of sports culture tourism industry with leading enterprises, accelerate the development of post-Olympic economy, and focus on the development of four major leading sectors, namely, all-season sports, ice and snow sports, science and technology exhibition, and venue operation.
The full-season event segment is committed to developing the event economy, focusing on the holding of various events at all levels and professional training, and striving to create a national event operation leader by holding and hosting international high-end events, national and provincial professional events, regional brand group events, etc; The ice and snow sports sector is committed to the sustainable use of the Winter Olympic venues after the Games. Through the promotion and popularization of ice and snow sports, smart ticketing, ice and snow vocational skills training, and international certification of ice and snow training, it strives to build itself into the most professional ice-related industry operator in the country; The science and technology exhibition sector is committed to the dissemination of Olympic culture and sports spirit, extending the sports industry chain and promoting the integrated development of sports, culture and tourism industries through event promotion, brand planning, event exhibition, live broadcast, smart technology, research economy, sports tourism, etc; The venue operation sector is committed to the integrated operation of sports venues, and strives to create a model of intelligent management and efficient operation of stadiums and gymnasiums through venue construction, management and operation, comprehensive services, etc.
Zhangjiakou’s infrastructure has been greatly improved, the industry has been comprehensively transformed and upgraded, and the brand influence of “Winter Olympic City” has become increasingly prominent. Chongli District is becoming an international high-end ice and snow sports gathering area and ice and snow sports leisure resort. Zhangjiakou will actively host international, national and provincial high-end ice and snow events, continue to hold mass ice and snow events, plan to launch more boutique routes linking Beijing and Zhangjiakou and integrating sports and tourism, cultivate more cross-year, diversified and multi-stop urban league and brand events, and strive to achieve a new pattern of sports events with “all-season coverage, all-age participation, all-year non-stop, all-media publicity”.
Announcement of operating costs of Winter Olympic venues
Chongli District recently announced that according to relevant regulations, the Development and Reform Bureau of Chongli District will hold a hearing on the formulation of ticket prices for scenic spots such as Zhangjiakou Chongli Olympic Park National Jump Ski Center, as well as the ground rail cable car and tourist sightseeing bus ticket prices on June 8.
The announcement shows that the Zhangjiakou Chongli Olympic Park (Ancient Poplar Venue Cluster) and Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village project covers an area of about 4.6 square kilometers, including three national competition venues, namely, the National Ski Jump Center “Snow Ruyi”, the National Cross-country Ski Center and the National Biathlon Center, as well as supporting ancillary facilities such as the Peak Club, “Ice Yuhuan” and Ruyi Square. The project will become the host of top winter events and the place for citizens to enjoy high-quality cultural and recreational activities, and play an important role in accelerating the construction of Beijing-Zhanghai sports and cultural tourism belt and promoting the sustainable development of regional environment and economic society. The project investment includes the construction of three venues, supporting facilities, the construction of the Winter Olympic Village, and the construction costs of landscaping, toilet facilities, road facilities, safety and fire protection facilities, medical first aid facilities, and drainage system in the scenic area. According to the cost survey, the operating costs of the National Ski Jump Center, the Peak Club, the National Cross-country Ski Center, the National Biathlon Center, the “Ice Yuhuan” and the Ruyi Plaza are 28.38 yuan, 82.97 yuan, 32.71 yuan, 34.08 yuan and 86.70 yuan per person, respectively. The ticket prices of the scenic spot will be determined according to the operating costs and the current situation of the scenic spot.
At the same time, in order to meet the viewing needs of the tourists in the Olympic Park and better serve the tourists, the scenic spot will open the ground rail cable car of the National ski jumping center during the Winter Olympics, and specially introduce the tourist sightseeing car to operate in the park.