Zhejiang is a popular ancient town. National Geographic is recommending it. It’s easy to fall in love with it at a glance

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The gentle Jiangnan water town not only has picturesque scenery in poetry, but also has romantic scenery and long historical stories in ancient towns of all sizes. It has clear marks on the flagstone road.
Wuzhen is a popular town among many ancient towns in Zhejiang. It has a history of about 1600 years. Although it is becoming more and more commercialized, the soul of the ancient town has always been there. It is a quiet town with healing and beautiful scenery. Even National Geographic is recommending it. It is easy to fall in love with it at a glance.
Cinnamomum camphora trees on both banks have long fallen fruits. Tall trees have long and romantic stories in the past. There is a strong fragrance under the trees. Just a small leaf can recall the past.
The gentleness of Jiangnan is left in the clear water. The water is gurgling. The houses built on the water have the flavor of history. The retro wooden houses do not make a squeak. The windows are opened, and the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan is full outside.
Don’t think about how many stories have been told in the old house. I only know the beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River in front of me, which is fascinating. The birds stay on the roof, and the fallen leaves float slowly on the water, like a boat, beautiful and dreamy.
Along the alley, stop and walk, and meet the most beautiful time. There are not too many surprises around the corner. Only those flowers are still blooming in the story of Wuzhen. On the mottled wall, you can see the shadow of the past, the falling wall, and the broken roof, which are all proof of the old time.
The bench beside the wall has traces of time and accumulated a thick layer of dust. There is always a moment when the bustling ancient town is quiet, undisturbed, and beautiful alone. The time under the tree is happy and short, and the warm sunshine is scattered in the water. The story of starry sky and Milky Way has a new chapter.
The fallen dead leaves are piled up on the roof, and the deep yearning can not be dissolved. The seemingly withered leaves have the healing color, whether golden or light orange, all become beautiful oil paintings.
There are also stubborn leaves hanging on the branches, which are reluctant to fall for a long time. Through the sunshine of the leaves, they are warm and charming. Among the layers of leaves, there are romantic and beautiful stories.
The reflection of the ancient house is becoming more and more gentle in the water. In the swaying shadow, there is the past of Jiangnan. The shadow of the tree is attached to the gentle water. The time in the waterside pavilion is also quiet and beautiful.
Sitting with friends, drinking light and pleasant tea in the quiet and beautiful time, the fragrance of tea is so wrapped around me, and many sad past events have gone away with the wind.
The warm sunshine is slanting, the time slows down, and there is a breath of happiness and happiness in the years. In the empty ancient town, there are more historical stories and friendly dialogues in the wind.
After walking through the arch bridge, listening to the sunshine and the shadow of trees in the light and shadow, we can talk about the romantic past of the ancient town. Those past stories have never been forgotten.
The people on the bridge are intoxicated with the beauty of the town, but they do not know that they have already entered the picture scroll of Jiangnan, have an elegant posture, and become the fairy in the picture.
The sun sets back to the Western Hills. The sun slowly disappears in the distance. There is only the afterglow on the horizon. I still miss the world and cannot leave.
The orange and pink clouds paint the beautiful scenery of the sky little by little, and dazzle the whole sky. Even the human world has the color girls like.
The swaying canopies, which had not yet landed, marched in the pink haze and went forward. The farther away the place was, the more beautiful it was like heaven.
In Wuzhen at night, unlike in the daytime, the orange lamps are lit. Among the thousands of lights, there is a warm story. There is always a lamp that is lit for tourists.
The ancient town in the daytime is more lonely, and the ancient town in the night is more warm and faint light. Together, it is so charming and romantic with the dazzling stars.
The green plants under the eaves are sleeping at night. The orange lights are reflected in the water, and there is boundless romance under the water.
The story of Wuzhen is still very long, waiting for people passing by to continue.